show unique_id with lspv

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Sometimes it is useful to read manual pages for old well-known commands. Almost every disk in AIX has a hidden attribute unique_id, which uniquely identifies every disk and usually contains some useful information such as LDEV or serial number.

The common way to show the id is using lsattr command:

# lsattr -El hdisk0 -a unique_id
unique_id 2B08005D66830FHUS103073FL380008IBM   H0scsi Unique device identifier False

Using lspv command you can show unique_ids of all known disks:

# lspv -u
hdisk0          000252f3956e8ecb                    rootvg          active              2B08005D66830FHUS103073FL380008IBM   H0scsi
hdisk1          000252f32ff2a406                    clientvg        active              2B08005CAFC10FHUS103073FL380008IBM   H0scsi


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