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My name is Andrey Klyachkin. I live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, but originally I’m from Ulyanovsk, Russia. I’m IT specialist, specializing in UNIX infrastructure and security, and entrepreneur. I love to find new solutions for the problems of my clients.

My way in IT started a lot of years ago, when I was 9 and I saw my first computer. When I was 17 I could program, but wanted to do something different and became system administrator. Since that time I manage infrastructures of my employers and my clients.

In my spare time I like to ski in winter, travel disregard of a season, read books on history (especially russian history) and write.

I found fun in alpine skiing thanks to my friends in winter 2013. Since the 2013/14 winter season I’m a member of Frankfurt Skiing Club. During the season I had more than 30 ski-days, skiing more than 1 000 km. My personal speed record is 116 km/h.

Because of my schedule I usually travel in Europe. I like small german towns and they are my favourite destination. But I also like to visit other countries. I do my best to extend the number of countries, I visited.

Russian history was my hobby from my early childhood. I think I read my first book on history when I was 8. Since that time I read a lot of books on russian history, changed several times my opinion on it, and also wrote some works, but almost nobody saw them ;-)

This blog is about everything, I want to blog about. Because I speak and read 3 languages – my native Russian, not native German and less native English, I write in the blog using the same 3 languages. There is no particular rule which language I use for which topic. If I want to express my thought in English, I do it in English. If I prefer to use Russian today, I write in Russian. The same about German.

I think you may find a lot of grammar or style mistakes in my texts in every language. Unfortunately nobody is perfect. If you see any mistake, just contact me and I’ll correct it.

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